Eco Travel Challenge

Eco Travel Challenge

Join the Sustainable Travel Challenge

"Halting the destruction of our planet is the ultimate challenge of our time. What we do individually and collectively from now on will determine our legacy for future generations.

To help us effect meaningful change we have joined forces with an innovative new organisation, Furthr, to address environment-damaging behaviours we can change now and compensate for those currently beyond our reach.

As with all initiatives designed to give our children the best possible future, we hope you will join us now in seeking to reduce the emissions associated with our collective travel footprint."

Mike Thompson, Founder and Chairman, Childbase Partnership

The Childbase Partnership Sustainable Travel Challenge

Travel to and from nurseries is one of the largest remaining contributors to Childbase Carbon emissions. By coming together to focus on this we are joining the movement to minimise the national travel footprint. It couldn’t be easier with the help of Furthr:

Log your travel choices

Let us know how you’re travelling to and from your nursery site as the year progresses.

Travel greener

Challenge yourself to travel more sustainably. We’ll provide you with actionable advice on how.

Everyone’s a winner – Prizes

By logging your travel choices with Furthr you will be entered into a draw for Amazon vouchers and for the top 10 mostimproved and engaged nurseries there are trophies and the chance to win a 1st-prize animal experience party.

Why we need you

Nature is warning us that our planet is at boiling point, and now is the time to act if we are to make our planet liveable for future generations.

Joining our Sustainable Travel Challenge is a fun way to improve your site’s sustainability and educate future generations on being kind to our planet.

Furthr - Here to Help


Collective action is the solution to our climate crisis – especially within a big forward-thinking community like yours. Your support of Childbase Partnership eco-initiatives has made a difference – we’re here to take this to the next level by helping you make a mass positive impact through tiny changes.

All we need to do this is a few minutes of your time - in completing our short travel surveys - and that you keep an open-mind about changing your travel choices. It’ll be fun, it’ll make you feel good – and every single choice counts.

If you want to know more about our initiative or have any questions – we’re always available via the live chat on our site and you can follow the progress of the Childbase Furthr initiative here.

We can’t wait to get climate-positive with you!

Henry Bishop and Michael Atkins, Furthr Co-Founders

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