Our responsibility to the generations of children in our care extends farther than the boundaries of our nurseries as we continuously strive to support the communities in which we serve and attempt to meet need wherever it is found.

Every year, following a company-wide vote we adopt a charity for a focused fund-raising and awareness drive in addition to grant aid and voluntary support for community causes.

Charity of the Year 2024 - British Heart Foundation

Childbase Partnership is delighted to be supporting the British Heart Foundation (BHF) which is the biggest independent funder of heart and circulatory disease research in the UK.

Our fundraising activity focuses on the charity’s research into congenital heart disease which results from problems with the development of the heart, or the large blood vessels surrounding it, in the womb. On average, around 13 babies are born every day in the UK with a heart defect.

Before the BHF existed, the majority of babies diagnosed with a severe heart defect in the UK did not survive to their first birthday. Today, thanks to research, more than eight out of ten survive to adulthood.

Congenital heart disease – The Facts

  • Heart defects are diagnosed in at least 1 in 150 births – that is an average of 13 babies each day in the UK – with more diagnoses later in life. Estimates suggest as many as 1-2 per cent of the population may be affected.
  • Heart defects are the most common congenital anomaly in babies born in the UK.
  • Heart disease is the biggest cause of perinatal and infant mortality from congenital anomalies.

BHF successes to date in congenital heart disease research and treatment include:

  • A quicker and less invasive alternative to open heart surgery developed for the replacement of faulty heart valves in children and adults.
  • Better cardiac MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) for children with congenital heart disease that doesn’t use x-rays or radioactive substances and produces images quickly.
  • BHF funding has been pivotal in providing special scanners (MRI machines) to congenital heart centres across the UK. These machines provide doctors with detailed images of the heart and blood vessels.
  • BHF funded research has also shown how MRI scans can be used to produce a 3D virtual or printed model of an individual patient’s heart providing surgeons and cardiologists with a valuable tool to prepare for surgery and other procedures.
  • The BHF funded the creation of a follow-up system for survivors of congenital heart disease to improve their long-term survival. The charity continues to fund research to find out how best to care for adults living with congenital heart conditions.

For more information about how BHF research has improved the diagnosis, treatment and care of babies born with heart defects:


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