Childbase Partnership, delivering childcare excellence since 1989

Rated ‘World Class’ by Best Companies and a European Business Award winner, the employee-owned Childbase Partnership is on a mission to give children the best possible start in life.

That means a commitment to continuously redefine excellence in every area of operation from imaginative, state of the art, age-appropriate play and learning spaces in nurseries to the award-winning training programmes for its Early Years professionals.

A top UK workplace for over a decade, every Childbase Partnership employee is an owner invested in ensuring that each and every child in their care is happy, confident and ready to realise their full potential.


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What accolades has Childbase Partnership received for its commitment to early years excellence?

Childbase Partnership has received numerous accolades for its unwavering commitment to early years excellence. One notable recognition is the Nursery World Awards, where Childbase Partnership has been a consistent finalist and winner in various categories over the years. This prestigious award acknowledges outstanding practice in early years education and childcare, highlighting Childbase Partnership’s dedication to providing high-quality care for children.
Additionally, Childbase Partnership has been recognised by Ofsted, the official regulatory body for education and childcare services in the UK. Our nurseries have consistently achieved ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’ ratings, showcasing their exceptional standards of care, education, and overall provision for children.
Furthermore, Childbase Partnership has received praise from parents and families through positive reviews and testimonials. Our focus on creating nurturing environments that support children’s development and well-being has earned them a strong reputation within the community.
Overall, these accolades reflect Childbase Partnership’s continuous efforts towards maintaining excellence in childcare and early years practices and ensuring that every child receives the best possible start in life.

How does Childbase Partnership ensure imaginative and age-appropriate play and learning spaces in their nurseries?

Childbase Partnership is renowned for its commitment to providing imaginative and age-appropriate play and learning spaces in their nurseries. Through a combination of careful planning, creativity, and attention to detail, Childbase Partnership ensures that children have stimulating environments that cater to their developmental needs.
One way Childbase Partnership achieves this is by incorporating a variety of sensory experiences into their play areas. By including elements such as textured surfaces, natural materials, and interactive toys and resources, children are encouraged to explore and engage with their surroundings in a meaningful way. This approach not only fosters creativity but also supports cognitive development.
Furthermore, Childbase Partnership places a strong emphasis on creating spaces that are tailored to different age groups. For example, the rooms are equipped with activities and resources that are suitable for the specific developmental stage of the children in that group. This ensures that children are challenged appropriately and can fully benefit from their play experiences.
In addition to physical spaces, Childbase Partnership also focuses on the educational aspect of play by integrating learning opportunities into everyday activities. Whether it’s through themed play areas or structured learning sessions led by qualified colleagues, children have the chance to develop key skills while having fun.
Overall, Childbase Partnership’s dedication to providing imaginative and age-appropriate play and learning spaces in their nurseries sets them apart as a leader in early childhood education. By combining innovative design with a focus on child development principles, they create environments where children can thrive and reach their full potential.

What sets the training programmes for early years professionals at Childbase Partnership apart from others?

Childbase Partnership’s training programmes for Early Years professionals stand out from others due to their comprehensive and innovative approach to professional development. One key aspect that sets them apart is the emphasis on individualised learning paths tailored to each educator’s needs and goals. This personalised approach ensures that professionals receive targeted support and guidance to enhance their skills effectively.
Moreover, Childbase Partnership places a strong focus on practical, hands-on training experiences that allow Early Years professionals to apply their learning in real-world settings. This experiential learning approach not only deepens understanding but also fosters confidence and competence in implementing best practices in early childhood education.
Additionally, the training programmes at Childbase Partnership are designed in collaboration with industry experts and incorporate the latest research and trends in early childhood education. This commitment to staying current with developments in the field ensures that professionals receive cutting-edge knowledge and skills that are relevant and impactful.
Furthermore, Childbase Partnership’s training programmes foster a culture of continuous improvement and reflection among Early Years professionals. Through ongoing feedback, mentoring, and opportunities for self-assessment, educators are empowered to continually enhance their practice and strive for excellence in their roles.
In conclusion, what truly sets Childbase Partnership’s training programmes apart is their holistic approach to professional development, combining personalised learning paths, practical experiences, up-to-date content, and a culture of continuous improvement. These elements collectively contribute to equipping Early Years professionals with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to excel in their roles and make a positive impact on children’s learning and development.

In what ways does being employee-owned contribute to the quality of childcare provided by Childbase Partnership?

Being an employee-owned company significantly contributes to the quality of childcare provided by Childbase Partnership in various ways. Firstly, when employees have a stake in the business, they are more likely to be invested in its success and dedicated to delivering high-quality services. This sense of ownership can lead to increased motivation and commitment among staff members, ultimately benefiting the children under their care.
Moreover, employee ownership fosters a culture of collaboration and teamwork within the organisation. When employees feel valued and empowered as owners, they are more inclined to work together towards common goals, such as providing exceptional childcare services. This collaborative environment can enhance communication, creativity, and problem-solving skills among staff members, all of which are essential for delivering quality childcare.
Additionally, being employee-owned can promote a sense of stability and longevity within the company. Employees who have a direct stake in the business are more likely to stay with the company long-term, leading to lower staff turnover rates. Consistent care providers build strong relationships with children and their families over time, creating a nurturing environment that supports child development.
Employee ownership can positively impact organisational culture and service delivery. By empowering employees to take ownership of their roles and responsibilities, companies like Childbase Partnership can create a supportive and engaging work environment that ultimately benefits both employees and the children in their care.
Overall, being employee-owned enables Childbase Partnership to cultivate a dedicated workforce focused on providing high-quality childcare services through collaboration, stability, and a shared commitment to excellence.

How has Childbase Partnership maintained its status as a top UK workplace for over a decade?

Childbase Partnership’s sustained status as a top UK workplace for over a decade can be attributed to several key factors. Firstly, the company’s commitment to employee well-being and development plays a significant role in creating a positive work environment. By offering training opportunities, career progression pathways, and competitive benefits packages, Childbase Partnership demonstrates its investment in the growth and satisfaction of its employees.
Moreover, fostering a culture of inclusivity and diversity within the organisation contributes to employee engagement and retention. By valuing different perspectives and creating a supportive atmosphere for all colleagues, Childbase Partnership cultivates a sense of belonging among its workforce.
Additionally, effective communication channels and transparent leadership practices help maintain trust and collaboration within the company. Regular feedback mechanisms, open-door policies, and clear goal-setting processes enable employees to feel heard and valued, leading to increased job satisfaction.
Furthermore, recognising and rewarding employee contributions through incentive programmes or employee appreciation initiatives can boost morale and motivation levels across the organisation. By acknowledging individual achievements and celebrating team successes, Childbase Partnership reinforces a culture of positivity and excellence.
In conclusion, Childbase Partnership’s enduring success as a top UK workplace stems from its holistic approach towards employee well-being, diversity promotion, transparent communication practices, and recognition of staff contributions. By prioritising these aspects consistently over the years, the company has created an environment where employees feel supported, motivated, and empowered to thrive professionally.

What measures does Childbase Partnership take to ensure that every child in their care receives the best possible start in life?

Childbase Partnership is dedicated to providing the best possible start in life for every child in their care through a range of comprehensive measures. One key aspect of our approach is the emphasis on creating a nurturing and stimulating environment that supports each child’s development. This includes carefully designed learning spaces, age-appropriate activities, and access to a variety of educational resources.
Furthermore, Childbase Partnership places a strong focus on recruiting and training highly qualified colleagues who are passionate about early childhood education. By investing in continuous professional development and ensuring staff-to-child ratios are optimal, we offer individualised attention and support to each child.
In addition, Childbase Partnership places great importance on building strong partnerships with parents and caregivers. Regular communication, parent forums, and sharing information about each child’s progress are all integral parts of their approach to ensure consistency between home and childcare settings.
Moreover, Childbase Partnership regularly reviews and updates their curriculum to incorporate the latest research-based practices in early childhood education. By staying informed about best practices and continuously improving their programs, we can provide children with high-quality learning experiences that set them up for success.
Overall, through a combination of nurturing environments, qualified staff, strong partnerships with families, and evidence-based curriculum design, Childbase Partnership takes comprehensive measures to ensure that every child in their care receives the best possible start in life.

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We prioritise the importance of outdoor play at Cedars Day Nursery in Leighton Buzzard. All children at our Ofsted-rated ‘Outstanding’ nursery have access to our large, natural garden area on a daily basis as we recognise the impact that being outdoors has on a child’s social, emotional and physical development. The children enjoy planting vegetables and tasting their produce, served by our dedicated Nursery Chef.

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