Your Childs Learning Journey

Your Child's Learning Journey

Your child's learning and development is monitored and supported throughout every stage of nursery life.

A Learning Journey gives an overview of your child’s progress in 3 prime areas and 4 specific areas of learning and development within the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework. It is used by your child’s keyperson to plan, implement and observe your child’s development daily whilst they are at nursery. You will also be asked to let your keyperson know how your child is developing at home to build the most accurate picture of their development.

The Learning Journey is split into several sections with each explained below:

All About Me

When any child joins the nursery or moves between rooms their keyperson will complete this page with you the parent/carer. This gives us an initial knowledge of your child to help us get to know them and build a starting point for their development. We ask about likes and dislikes, their routine, any key words used or additional languages spoken at home, any additional needs or disabilities as well as key events you celebrate as a family.  

Observation Sheets

These sheets are used by your keyperson to make observations on your child whilst they are at nursery. The keyperson will add written accounts of what they see your child do, add photos, artwork or even allow your child to add their own comments to the sheet on a regular basis. These sheets will help form future planning for your child following any interests highlighted and any areas in which your child may require further support.

Parent Comments

Your keyperson will always want to know what your child has been up to outside of nursery. A parent comment box is available on each observation sheet and any conversations about what you’ve been up to, changes to key routines or new interests will be added here. This helps us to support your child at nursery and adapt activities to follow your child’s interests.

Reflecting on Progress

Completed every 4 months this sheet is designed to share your child’s progress in a more detailed manner. Your keyperson will complete written summaries across the different areas of learning and use this to inform future planning. This sheet also allows the keyperson to check your child is developing well within the 3 prime areas and 4 specific areas of learning and provide additional support if any areas require this.

You as the parent/carer will be shown this sheet and asked to make any comments you have regarding your child’s development within this period. The keyperson will also discuss how you can work together to support your child’s development over the next 4 months.

Two Year Progress Check

Completed between the age of 2 and 3 years old this sheet summarises your child’s development across the 3 prime areas of learning and development. Your keyperson will complete the sheet with detailed summaries across these areas and highlight the stage of development your child is at. This sheet will be shared with you and you will be asked to make your own comments on it.

We suggest that parents take this sheet to their health visitor for their child’s 2 year check.*

*The timing of 2 year checks varies within different areas so we ask that parents inform their keyperson in advance so that they can complete this document.

Transition Document

When your child leaves the nursery for either school or another setting your keyperson will summarise your child’s development and achievements. This document will be discussed with you and should be given to your new keyperson or teacher to help support your child’s transition between settings.


For more information or to view your child’s Learning Journey please talk to your keyperson.


A copy of this document can be downloaded here