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Winchester pre-schoolers ‘toddle’ for charity

Children and staff at Maples Day Nursery in Winchester are on the move and experimenting with colour in support of a charity caring for young people with life-threatening illnesses.

Inspired by Amy Stubbington (24), a practitioner at the day nursery in Hatherley Road, who took part in the three kilometres Southampton Rainbow Run, children and staff have been dressing up, running and toddling to raise £170 so far.

Manager Rebecca Pickles said the ‘Rainbow-themed’ events, with children and staff choosing a different colour for dress-up every day and running and toddling in the large garden, had been enjoyed by everybody.

“We are enormously proud of Amy for all the work she does for this charity. She is an excellent role model for the children in showing that exercise is not only fun and good for you but can also help others less fortunate,” she said, praising parents for their sponsorship support.

Amy, who cares for children aged 0-1years, said the event in Southampton  - when runners and joggers were covered in powdered paint - was great fun and had provided endless opportunities for exercise, crafting and ‘playing with colour’ at the nursery.

“This charity means a great deal to me because I am surrounded by happy, healthy and confident children every single day. Seeing them running about the garden so obviously enjoying themselves makes the fund-raising effort for seriously ill children, many of whom spend their short lives hooked up to machines, so important and incredibly worthwhile,” said Amy who is a regular volunteer for Naomi House and Jacksplace Hospices.