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Roaring Fun at Buckingham Day Nursery

Preschool children at the Ofsted-rated ‘Outstanding’ Field House Day Nursery in Buckingham have been learning all about dinosaurs.

This topic was inspired by the children who were showing a natural curiosity in dinosaurs. Field Houses’ highly trained and knowledgeable practitioners then extended this interest by designing themed activities and learning sessions.

Firstly the children conducted research into the world of dinosaurs using the interactive board and using their floor books to add their own ideas. Practitioners then created an archaeological dig in the sand tray, made dinosaur foot prints so they could compare sizes against their own footprints and made their own salt dough bones.

Nursery Manager Kellie Seaton said:

“The dinosaur topic is a great example of child-initiated learning which was then extended by practitioners. We know that when children display a natural curiosity in a subject, they are more likely to become active learners. Well done to all of the practitioners who have shown both initiative and creativity.”