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Holiday Memories at Bedford Day Nursery

Children at the Ofsted-rated ‘Outstanding’ Day Nursery in Bushmead Avenue, Bedford, have been focusing on holiday fun.

Holiday activities has been the topic of conversation among the children whose families brought in photos of recent holidays which were in turn discussed at Circle Time. The practitioners inspired by this child-initiated topic, then extended their interest by creating an indoor seaside and building junk model suitcases.

This topic was further developed and explored by discussing the transportation used to get to far away destinations. The children explored these on the whiteboard and created handmade replicas of aeroplanes. They went on outdoor trips to look at different types of transportation and went to the river to watch the boats whilst enjoying an ice-cream.

Nursery Manager Juliana Di ‘Niro said:

“Everyone loves a holiday and the children have returned to nursery full of excitement and eager to talk about their activities. Our highly trained practitioners extended this interest, building in structured activities that allowed the children to learn based on their natural curiosity and interests.”