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Our Vision

Is to provide children in all Childbase Partnership nurseries with a 'Sound Foundation for life' . We achieve this vision by ensuring each area of our business is focused on their part in supporting nurseries.

Our Strategic Pillars

People Matter

Attracting, retaining and developing highly engaged people whilst promoting Childbase Partnership as the employer of choice within the childcare sector.

  • To be engaging managers who see our people as individuals and partners
  • To engage and inspire staff from day one with our induction process
  • To actively encourage professional development and career succession through our mentoring programme.

Quality Matters

Supporting children’s emotional, physical and cognitive well being. 

  • To ensure the highest quality and consistancy of quality in each Childbase Partnership setting to provide children with a secure foundation
  • To support each child along their individual learning journey
  • To ensure an equality of opportunity for all children and their families.

Partnerships Matter

Supporting children’s earliest experience in partnership with parents and others

  • To develop purposeful parent and family partnerships
  • To continually focus on and enhance parent communication
  • To develop quality partnerships with professionals in different education settings to ensure we fully support children as they move to new learning environments
  • To develop an outstanding reputation in the local area. 

Communication Matters

To communicate effectively with all our audiences and act on feedback

  • To protect and enhance the Childbase Partnership reputation for excellence and expertise
  • To raise awareness of Childbase Partnership and each setting
  • To promote individual Childbase nurseries as the early years setting of choice in the communities we serve
  • To improve and develop communication with all external stakeholders.